Modifying your PlayStation 3 with mod PS3 Parts will enable you to utilize various games and media files. In essence, there are actually 2 ways to modify our PlayStation systems. One of which is through the use of various accessories and parts. By replacing the parts, we will be able to open up Blu-Ray CDs and old games. We can also use parts from other devices such as the SATA hard drives found in external storage devices in order to add memory to our PS3. Another way is through the use of a Flash Drive located at the front of the PS3. By using the Flash Drive we can actually boot to another system. The PlayStation 3 is designed to boot from not only USB storage devices but also through CDs. By using the Flash Drive, we can actually install files and even Operating Systems such as Linux.

Ways To Modify With PS3 Parts

There are actually some parts which are specifically used to change the function of a PlayStation unit. One of which are the laser assembly boards which are manufactured with rails and motors. Such laser assembly boards are compatible with various lenses and even with Neon lighting. There are also the Blu-Ray oddball lenses which are specifically designed to run Blu-Ray discs. The lenses come with various packages so that they will fit inside the unit. Aside from the boards, cases can also be modified. There is Lid top Chrome plate case which is specifically used for the PS3. The case is silver in color and can be attached easily. However, in order to change both the case and the board a special type of security screwdriver is needed.

Problems That Can Occur When Changing PS3 Parts

ps3 partsOne of the biggest problems when changing parts is warranty. Of course, once we open up the device we will eventually be removing the warranty sticker which was placed by Sony personnel. Another problem that can occur is the yellow to red light symptom. This symptom involves the PlayStation 3 lights in which they will turn on, flashes yellow and then flashes red. The lighting problem happens due to problems with the board or with the power supply. Along with the lighting problem there are also disc read errors and freezing while in the middle of games. Again, such problems only happen if there are any defects with the modified PlayStation 3 parts.


Modifying The PS3 Through USB Boot

ps3 partsIn order to modify the boot, we need to download a Linux distribution OS or any other Operating System. Then we need to locate the boot loaded and then include the distributor file by renaming it to otheros.bld so that the PS3 will be able to find it. The bootloader should also be named as petitboot or kboot along with the corresponding version number. Insert the files through a flash disc drive and then run it through the Settings column inside the PlayStation 3 main menu. We need to look for the Install OS settings in order run the files. Run the files then remove the disc and then restart. The new Operating System will then be compatible with the hard drive and with the other PS3 Parts.

Hard Drive Restore 

If you need more space for your original 60 gig model of Playstation 3 then this guide is for you. We will guide you step by step on how to backup and install new hard drive and restore your old settings so that you don’t lose your previous settings.
Step 1: Restore your hard drive
When you will start your PS3 it will have to format your new hard drive. You may see a message like “The system software cannot be run correctly…Insert storage media that contains update data of version 4.11 or later, and then press the START and SELECT buttons at the same time…”.
If you are restoring a backup to your new hard drive and after following instructions from the above message, you get an error message like “The data is corrupted (8002F225)” then you have to install latest system software update from before formatting your new drive.

Press ‘X’ key and continue to complete the formatting process.
When the formatting is completed go to “settings” XMB option and select “System settings” and then go to “System Information”.You will now see the storage capacity of your new hard drive.

Step 2

Now if you want to restore all your saved game info, then connet your USB har drive that you used to do the back up.
Go to “settings” XMB menu and select “system settings” and then select “backup utility”.
Select restore and then select USB device that have the backed up data. You should have only one backup to choose from.
The Ps3 will reformat the hard drive and copy the data from USB drive, this can take up to 2 hours.
That’s all.

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